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Why use Employee Trail - Employee Computer Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring has become critical and essential for improving productivity and keeping track of employee activity in today's world. Business leaders and project managers are focused on improving productivity and getting essential work done on time and within budget. EmployeeTrail helps to track applications used by your employees in the working hours and identifies productive hours and non-productive time. Non-productive time is classified as time spent in distractive non-productive work activities like personal web browsing or using office resources for personal use.

Stay in control and ensure compliance

EMPLOYEE TRAIL - EMPLOYEE MONITORING SOFTWARE keeps track of office computer applications as well as activities by staff on them. It records activities done by employees and provides activity logs with options to enable screenshots to be taken if required. This helps in improving productivity and maintaining compliance with the organization's policies.

Organization productivity analysis

EMPLOYEE TRAIL - EMPLOYEE MONITORING SOFTWARE has easily configurable activity reports across project units and organization-wide productivity workflow information to enable management to identify low productivity areas. Identification helps to focus on improving productivity. Admin panel with multiple feature access makes it easier for productivity management across the organization.


EMPLOYEE TRAIL - EMPLOYEE MONITORING SOFTWARE enables Alerts, Reports, and review of detailed employee activity using vigorous monitoring tools that provide actionable intelligence. Monitor web activity, configure alarms for capturing suspicious activity, block malware websites and potentially harmful downloads from the internet to safeguard the organization's assets.

Employee Trail enables Alerts, Reports, and review of detailed employee activity using vigorous monitoring tools that provide actionable intelligence.

EmployeeTrail can monitor the following:

  1. Application Usage
  2. Online Searches
  3. Website Visited
  4. Screen Shots
  5. Email/Webmail/chat/IM
  6. Login / Session Activity

How to Use Employee Trail

This video helps user to understand the use of Employee Trail.

Employee Trail Features & Benefits

Empowring business with best monitoring tool available in industry.

Employee Management with Employee Trail

  • Track Every Activity
  • Alerts management
  • Industry specific compliance

Improving Operational Efficiency

  • Instant activity transparency
  • Productivity comparison
  • Software metering

Insider Threat

  • Risk Scoring
  • Digital Asset Monitoring
  • Protecting Intellectual Property

Productivity Analysis & Improvement

  • Productivity analysis
  • Analyze Individual and group Workflows
  • Organizational efficiency

Employee Management with Employee Trail

Track Every Activity

Looking for Employee monitoring software for employee tracking? Well, EmployeeTrail has an accurate user activity log that provides details of every website or application-based activity performed on the monitored workstations.

Managers get productivity reports which provide a snapshot of activities performed by their team members. Snapshots can be taken and set for intervals of 5-minute duration or custom durations. Activities can be configured to be reported as productive or unproductive as per defined categories. Productivity reports will show the employees that were below the productive benchmark or above it. The less productive employees can be enabled to improve productivity. Reports can be filtered through time periods or user group classifications.

Detailed reports are available on the top applications used, categories and usage of applications by employees. Alert logs trigger alerts and are shown in reports in a chronological manner. The Activity Log details on user activities - like screenshots were taken, logged in domain details, user id, session duration, description of active applications, and URL as applicable.

Alerts management

Enforce organization policies automatically. Get notified whenever an unwanted activity occurs with configurable smart alerts. EmployeeTrail automatically records the activity and invokes necessary alerts configured by admin.

EmployeeTrail alarms/alerts can be configured to activate based on customized pre-defined conditions. For example, if there is an attempt to access a blocked or malicious website, an email can be triggered to be sent out to the system administrator. Other scenarios of alerts can be in situations like - a user trying to access social media websites like Facebook or Twitter which is against the organization policies, an alert can be sent to system administrators of the breach.

Alarm and Alert actions can be in the following manner:

Email Alert: Alerts can be configured to be sent to administrator.

Screenshots: Configuration can be done to capture screenshots in the event of an alarm going off so details on user action at that time are visible and can be analyzed.

Industry specific compliance

EmployeeTrail is compliant with both HIPAA and COPPA regulations and has effective options to safeguard sensitive data along with screenshots enabled or disabled options.

Screenshots can be enabled at regular intervals that can help to monitor how sensitive data is being used or if there is any misuse happening.

Improving Operational Efficiency with Employee Trail

Instant activity transparency

Monitored workstations help to capture activity information done and help to analyze if the user can be enabled to perform more productive tasks or improve existing productive figures. This translates into projects delivering more value and benefits by optimization.

Productivity comparison

Productivity figures can be compared across multiple resources in the same activity to see if one is consistently doing more and better than different resources. The routines, process and pace can be studied so that processes can be streamlined and optimized.

Software metering

Employee Trail can analyze application usage across organizations and can provide insightful results that may help organizations understand that some licenses are unutilized and may be cancelled or utilized better in some other department.

Insider Threat Detection with Employee Trail

Risk Scoring

Organizations need to understand threats internally and the Alarm Risk Scoring mechanism of employee monitoring software helps in identifying and highlighting key security risks happening and identify people responsible from all the information collected.

System administrators can assign risk levels to an alarm on a scale of 1 to 10 which calculates risk based on defined behaviours and patterns. EmployeeTrail analyzes each user's risk and scores calculated by weighing risk points for a user versus their activity history. This helps to identify what risky activities are happening in the organization, its frequency, employees behaving maliciously or attempting unauthorized accesses, etc.

Digital Asset Monitoring

EmployeeTrail reports how an organization's assets are being used by employees to the detailed level so that meticulous information on websites accessed, attempt to reach blocked website or restricted digital boundaries are recorded and alarms set as needed. It helps in identifying risky users and requisite tools in EmployeeTrail can be utilized to prevent breaches.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Monitor and restrict access to information that is privileged with use screenshots and alarms. Detail log reports warn of security breaches with details on time and the user responsible.

Integration Capabilities: with Employee Trail

Using Google Drive

EmployeeTrail can be integrated with Google Drive if an organization wishes that data is to be saved in Google Drive and accessible from any of its offices.

In-house deployment

EmployeeTrail can connect to the organization’s in-house database also if required and data can be stored securely within the organization’s servers.

Cloud Deployment

Employee Trail can be integrated with AWS cloud servers or integrated with other cloud server provider’s servers too.

Productivity Analysis & Improvement with Employee Trail

Productivity analysis

EmployeeTrail tracks all activities on monitored organization computers. This can include all applications and websites accessed irrespective if they are productive or not.

Productivity dashboards of employee monitoring software display graphical snapshots along with drill down reporting on productivity of each user and their devices. It also includes details like daily productivity report, top categories and applications used and user activity log. Data can be used to identify patterns and enable less productive employees to improve productivity as per organization’s goals.

Analyze Individual and group Workflows

Productivity data can be analyzed for individuals and across groups of users, project teams and compared across the organizations.

Organizational efficiency

Organizations can benchmark their productivity as per industrial standards and use productivity metrics across teams, projects and cross functional resources to identify low productivity and bring them up to the benchmark.

Drill down reports to the minutest level help to perform productivity comparison across various classes of users across multiple projects in the organization.

What is Employee Trail?

Organizations have been struggling to find out productivity data on their employees in the past. Project management tools have limitations and stay within boundaries of measuring project schedule, budget, and performance. Productivity measurement has had limitations due to lack of technologies and location constraints with employees working at remote locations and different time zones in a 24x7 global work environment. Previously, companies were not able to detect what applications were being used by their employees. Due to this, there were unidentifiable work-hour productivity losses.

‘EmployeeTrail’ tool is a product developed and is at the forefront of technology using latest user behaviour analytic capabilities. The functionalities of Computer monitoring software for business are easy to use and are suitable for all organizations irrespective of size – small, medium or large. Organizations can now monitor employee activity through company systems and apps. EmployeeTrail is flexible and can be installed on the organization’s computers, tools or apps that are used by employees. The employee tracking software help the organization monitor user activity and identify user behaviour via usage of productive and non-productive applications.

The ability to take screenshots of employees computer screens help in identifying details of activity if required. Organizations can control the user’s application remotely with the help of computer monitoring software. The data collected by employee monitoring software can be used to identify low productive activities by employees and focus on enabling resources to improve productivity, performance, and security inside the organization.

‘EmployeeTrail’ agent tracks and reports employees’ activities in real time, providing organization insights into team's productivity and efficiency. There are configurable options to monitor and report suspicious user behaviour. Alarms and alerts can be configured to inform system administrators of any misuse of official assets against organizational policies.

Graphical web-based dashboards show real-time snapshots of a user and team activities. Screenshot capturing features enable data collection and recording of sequential activities on screen with customized screen intervals. Other features include blocking of unproductive applications or social websites.


  1. Free storage up to 3 GB and monitoring of 3 users for free
  2. Visibility: Agent can be installed in machine to be monitored in visible or invisible mode.
  3. Drill down reporting functionality available
  4. Alert and alarm notification set up options
  5. Deployment and installation possible by remote and secured SSL protected connection.
  6. Cloud based secure data storage
  7. Multiple data server integration options with both cloud and non-cloud.

Pricing Table of Employee Trail

We are offering mutiple business plan which suits to your business. You can upgrade/downgrade your current plan with suitable business plan accoridng to your business needs.


The Free Plan is for individuals and team just getting started with TAD

$0.00per month
  • 3 Agents
  • 3 Website Users
  • 3 GB Data Storage
  • Realtime View
  • Unlimited Screenshots
  • Offline Data Collection

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The Basic is for growing teams that want to get a handle on their team behavior and output

$3.00per month
  • 1 Agent
  • Unlimited Website Users
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Realtime View
  • Unlimited Screenshots
  • Unlimited Offline Data Collection
  • Support By Email

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The Advanced is for organizations that need deeper access and frexibility to use their data

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  • Unlimited Agents
  • Unlimited Website Users
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Realtime View
  • Unlimited Screenshots
  • Unlimited Offline Data Collection
  • Support by Email
  • Support by Phone

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